Changing the format of international relations
from "conquest of living space" (lebensraum) on
  "Contribution of countries to world development" 

Press Release

of the new format
"Contribution of countries to the world development":

  • Solving the problems of wars, epidemics, pandemics, climate change, environmental degradation

  • Overcoming the economic crisis, poverty, social inequalities, ensuring decent work and employment

  • Achieving national sovereignty through the contribution of countries to world development

  • Deploying the new international governance frame:

    • Establishment of the International Corporation (Hub) for the Digital Management of  Sustainable Development  Projects

    • Market relations of sustainable development: "Consumption-Production" Model

    • Institutionalizing the Web: Digital Property and Digital Companies of real economy, institutional accounting system for Digital Value Added

    • Participation of entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses in international trade and international industrial cooperation

    • Stimulation, regulation and taxation of new economic activities that provide economic growth, productive employment and viable future




Pilot operation completed. Registered digital entities
(& start-ups) are available to users

International initiative:


International Declaration


Profit Model


International Agreement




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